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literature memo

As a group, you will be assigned a common belief about a criminal justice issue. Your job will be to determine the truth of the statement based on valid and reliable sources. This will include reviewing a minimum of 10 sources. The sources should include government reports, unbiased investigative journalism, reputable nonprofit research and scholarly research. To find appropriate sources, your group can meet (in-person, Zoom, conference call, FaceTime, etc) and discuss your myth with a reference librarian. In other words, an internet search of the issue will not be sufficient to complete the assignment. Your group will produce a 1-2 page memo about the issue and what the general consensus (based on your review of the literature) is about the issue: is it myth or fact? In preparation for your decision memo, you will submit a list of at least 15 sources formatted in APA format. Following that submission, you will submit a 1 -2 page review of the literature on your topic… Now that you have conducted the literature search and the review, you can now write a short memo and make a declaration of “fact” or “myth” about the statement you were given. The memo does not have to cover all of the material from the literature review, but you should explain your logic based on the literature. This memo can be 1-2 pages

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