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Livestream One: Guest Artists and Choreographic Processes at Colleges

General Information

Please watch the Livestream Event listed below. Then respond to the questions asked following the guidelines given.

IVC Dance Master Class Series: Guest Artists and Choreographic Processes at Colleges

Friday April 2nd at 7pm

Many colleges use guest artists to allow for their students to work with professional choreographers and experience working with artists outside of their own institutions. Come join in the conversations with IVC Dance Faculty Jennifer La Curan and Guest Artist Michael Nickerson-Rossi to learn more about how professional choreographers work with our IVC Dance students each semester. Michael will share with his personal experience being our IVC Dance Guest Artist in Fall 2019 and setting the work Ambition Cannot Wait.

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After watching the Livestream Event (details listed above). Respond to the follow questions in paragraph format. You need to have 2 paragraphs and at least 5-7 sentences within each paragraph. Also make sure you open your response with details about what you saw include the title and people involved with the livestream event. Please be specific and give details about the discussions that happened around each of these topics. Support your statements with details from the livestream.


1.What is the role of a guest artist at a college? How is the process of setting a work different for a guest artist?

2. When was Michael a guest artist at IVC? Describe his work with details about the music, movements, costumes and lighting?

3. What is Michael doing in Palm Spring currently?

4. Did you feel like the Q & A questions at the end gave you any further insight to the topics that were discussed? Why or why not?

5. Do you have any additional questions or comments about the livestream that you would like to ask.

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