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For your final project, you will create a book object using some of the ideas and techniques that we’ve discussed in our course. You can compose your own book (story, poem, nonfiction – like an explanation of a hobby – or photography). If you like scrapbooking, you could use those techniques. Or you can combine elements by other authors into a book that represents and reflects on a book or author that’s been especially significant in your life. Think about combining decorative elements and selected quotes that symbolize key elements.

I expect that most of your book projects will be physical books, but if you’re interested in putting together a digital book or audiobook/podcast, that will work, too! (doing digital book) Up to the writer to choose the topic but make sure it relates to the ciatation I have provided below and is explained throughrly in the essay.

You will also write a 4-6-page essay explaining your project: what it relates to, why, and how. Please cite at least two of our course readings. You can also use other sources, as well.

1st citation is The epic of Gilgamesh ( )

2nd citation is Eisenstein (I have uploaded a PDF file)

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