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MGMT409 Leading High performance Team: Personal Situation Analysis

To help you make the concepts in this course real you will write a Personal Situation Analysis

(PSA) over the course of the semester. Your write-up will be 2 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font,

1-inch margins (500-700 words). You will choose an event or situation that is occurring in an

organization or, more preferably a team that you are part of (you may disguise the names if you

wish). You will describe the situation and apply concepts from the course to help you

understand, diagnose, and solve/improve the situation. A rubric or content guideline will be

provided at the beginning of the semester. One of the most important points here is that you

identify, define, and apply course concepts which are specific ideas or theories that show up in

videos or readings. They are not the topic for a week, but rather, much smaller bites that occur

within a week.

Problem/issue is identified and described succinctly

  • Two course concepts are chosen that are relevant to the problem/issue
  • identified

  • Course concepts are specific and limited to two, as opposed to broad
  • topics with several sub-concepts introduced

  • Both concepts are described/defined accurately and thoroughly
  • Paper goes beyond merely labeling the problem/situation using course
  • concepts; concepts are applied to analyze the situation and explain to

    the reader something that would not be known without knowledge of

    the course concepts. Analysis is in-depth and insightful.

  • Recommendations are presented that are clearly linked to the
  • problem/situation and course concepts chosen

  • Recommendations are specific, actionable, and rooted in theory
  • Requirements: 500-700 wrods

    Requirements: 2pages

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