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module 12.2

Module 12.2 | Discussion Post: Asia and the Mongol Empire

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For this week, we get to explore China, Japan, and the Mongol Empire. Be sure to read before you begin.

Option A: Discuss the rise to power and expansion of the Mongol Empire. What was the significance of the Mongol invasion and occupation for world history? The following cc videos are optional, but interesting.

Option B: Discuss Golden Age China (Links to an external site.) during the Tang (Links to an external site.) and Song (Links to an external site.)periods. What major developments and inventions made this such a great and vibrant period in Chinese history?

The following cc videos are optional, but provide a good look at the Golden Age.

Option C: Please discuss the development of Japan during the Tokugawa period (Links to an external site.), being sure to discuss daimyo and samurai (Links to an external site.), as well as Shinto (Links to an external site.) and Buddhism for the Bushido code. (Links to an external site.)

This cc video is excellent if a bit dramatic (aren’t they all) Please watch the first half.

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