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module 4 discussion

  • This research is referring to my applied project
  • Connecting theory to research
  • Purpose of research in global development
  • Discussion 2: What impact might your research or project have? What impact would you like it to have? 700 words
  • respond to students
  • second article analysis paper
    • Review the myriad of research methods available and possible in social science research.
    • Consider philosophical approaches and assumptions about knowledge that influence our choices.
      • Identify ethical issues in social science research and decolonizing approaches.
    • Write the first article analysis paper, identifying research questions, methods, and evaluating relevance to your research.
  • For each article analysis assignment you should find a peer-reviewed published research article (in an academic journal) that is related to your problem statement in some way. Carefully read the article and then write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) review of the article. This review should address the following:

    – first identify the research question (s)

    – then, identify and evaluate the method (s) used in the research – Are the conclusions warranted based on these methods and the analysis of the data?

    – what does this article add to our knowledge of the problem? What does it leave out? In other words, how does it inform you research?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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