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Music assigment

Goal: The goal of this discussion is to reflect upon what you have learned in this class and explore various styles of world music.

Course Objective(s):

  • CO-2: Apply musical terminology, concepts and critical listening skills to a given major composer and style of music.
  • CO-3: Analyze the social, political, and cultural influences on Western and non-Western music.
  • CO-4: Examine different styles of music found around the world.


Hi Everyone! Be sure to complete both parts of this discussion prompt.

Part I: Please post the link to your completed website for the Let’s Explore the World through Music project.

Part II: Answer the following questions:

What have you gained from studying music appreciation during this course?

What do you know now that you did not know before taking this class?

Do you have a favorite composer/artist that we studied? If so, who is it, and why?

Do you think that your learning about music in MUSI200 was beneficial to your thinking about your own life experiences? If so, please explain.

During the course, what (if any) connections to your life, work, or other pursuits did you make in learning about music?

After completing MUSI200, what role does music serve in your life?

Have your perceptions of experiences with music changed as a result of the course? If so, how?

Respond substantively to at least 2 posts of your classmates. Your answer and responses to others will be graded as part of your Discussion participation for Week 8. Write in your own words. Check for spelling and grammar errors in your posts.

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