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NSG/468: Influencing Quality Within Healthcar

Assignment Content

  1. Now that you have learned the impact that healthcare regulators have on patient care, you will write up a analysis paper!For this assignment, you will Evaluate factors that influence [positivelly or negativelly] safe, quality patient-centered care in your own practice.
    Assignment Oultine [Use Level Headings].
    • Choose a topic to Analyse. Topics to Consider:
    • A law(s), A regulation(s), and or A policy(ies) than mandate a particular clinical practice [Describe the practice].


    • Select a Regulatory Mandated Practice(s) [Core Measures, HAC’s, Never 27’s. NDNQI practice, and such].
    • Analyze the impact of changes in technology and their effect on your selected topic relative to quality patient care.
    • Explain the roles of communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making relative to compliance with your selected topic mandates.
    • Explain How communication and collaboration between health care team members, between the patient and staff, and insurance companies can improve care outcomes relative to your selected topic.
    • Summary and Conclusions: What did you learn and how will you apply the new knowledge.

    Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources in an APA-formatted reference page.
    Format: Submit a 875-word minimum, APA 7th formatted paper. Do not guess the format; APA 7th template provided to you.

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