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Nutrition written project

In this written project, you will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned about distinguishing between evidencebased and false nutrition information, in a socialmedia setting. Every day, we encounter social media influencersclaiming information that may or may not be true. With what you have learned in this course so far, you will identify/red flag valid/invalid nutrition claim on your favorite online platform.

1: Follow these simple instructions: Find a video, social media post, or blog with nutrition claims or nutrition portrayal. Ex: A person selling X supplement, has no credentials, is a gym rat”; A nutrition lecturer giving advice on good sources of Calcium & Vitamin D for strong bones).

2.In a 2page, reflective journal style paper, include the following information:

Paragraph 1

1: Describe the media content: please answer all questions.

In what platform did you find this content? Make sure to share the link or a screenshot of the post in the bottom of your paper.

What is the main point/message being relayed by this post? (e.g., “Keto diet is the best diet”; “Vitamin D and calcium are important for strong bones…”).

How is the information relayed? Is it informational? promotional? persuasive? unbiased? monetized? dramatic?

Who is sharing the information? Does the presenter/blogger/speaker have any credentials?

What makes the content attractive/not attractive in this post?

Share any other important information to describe the content.

Paragraphs 2-3

identify 2 red flags that categorize the media content as fallacious (not evidencebased) or give 2 reasons that categorize the media content as reliable (evidencebased)

Paragraph 4

(Describe your thoughts about this media content. Opinion is valid on this last part)

What did you learn from this activity and how can you apply it to your daily life?

What is one thing you would share with your friends and family about internet nutrition information?

How has this experience impacted the way you look at social media and online content?

(All papers will be submitted via Turnitin so please make sure to cite your sources and be original with your work. This assignment is meant to help you make better choices about what kind of information to trust when it comes to your wellbeing.)

You should have a minimum of 4 complete paragraphs, doublespaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, Word or PDF

Works Cited: Follow proper MLA or APA style & paraphrase. Try not to use direct quotes unless absolutely necessary.

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