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Operation Management project research

Select any company of your choice working in Saudi Arabia…..and gather sufficient information to provide a good analysis of the company’s operations in one of the following areas:

1.Layout of the company

2.Quality management

3.Supply chain management

Report Structure

The report may follow the structure given below.

Title page with project topics, company name, student names, and their IDs, section number.

Table of contents

1.Executive Summary

// Clear, concise overview/outline of the entire research report. Include objectives of the project, the method followed to do the project, sources data collection, top results (positives & negatives) and top recommendations

2.Company Background

// Background of the selected company (ownership, brief history, organizational structure, products, markets)

3.Description of the selected topic in the company

// Describe the topics as practiced in your selected company. // Use charts, diagrams, and pictures in your description.


//Provide a critical analysis of the practice of the topic in your company with respect to the theories and guidelines offered in the Operations Management course or international standards.

//The analysis should include both positive points and negative points of the location, product design, and process design of the company.

5.Conclusion &Recommendation

//Brief summary of the report and your recommendations for improvement.

6.List of References (use Harvard referencing style)


2. Introduction

Background to report.

Statement of purpose.

Outline of the report.

3. Report Body

Paragraph structure (topic sentences etc.).

Main points are debated (strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation)

Cohesion (logic sequence between paragraphs).

4. Conclusion

Restate the report & relates to its purpose.

Summarize the main points.

Consistency between the arguments provided in the body section and the statement of conclusion

5. Academic English

Grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, expression, tone, vocabulary, flow.

6. Critical analysis and use of evidence

Critical approach.

Appropriate & sufficient evidence.

Integration of evidence & depth of analysis.

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