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1 – Company Name:

FRIENDS Upscale Comfort Food – this name selection derives from the inspiration of the company creation. As a collective group, my friends and I would always congregate over food – through the perils of life some of our friends adopted vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free eating preferences which made it difficult to find a place appeasing to everyone causing us to have potlucks. My main task with our friends was to cook and I would always present it in an upscale fashion in appearance and ingredients. We added comfort food because that is what our company specializes in.

2 – Company Description (service):

We are a full function catering and mobile bartending company. We specialize in unique culinary creations and libations for all occasions.

3 – Mission Statement:

“to provide superior cuisine, world-renowned service, and create unparalleled, luxurious dining experiences for all guests and occasions”

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