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Placher’s book

Placher’s book he writes: “Some European towns still preserve their medieval shape. Coming across the plains of central France to Chartres, or along the river meadows to Salisbury in England, one sees the massive cathedral towering over everything else.It is a good symbol of the pattern of medieval vocations.In most modern cities, the largest buildings belong to major banks, hospitals, office towers for lawyers and businesspeople, government agencies, perhaps a university. Churches mostly sit in the shadow of something else. Perhaps our skyline mirrors the prominence of vocational options. But in Europe for more than a thousand years, churches dominated — both physically and vocationally. The central voational questions for most medieval Christians was whether to choose a celibate life in service to the church” (Placher, 107).

What do you see the vocational landscape going forward looks like after your life is done (in the 22nd Century)? For the generations that will follow you, do you think that they will pretty much have a similar outlook on vocation as you do currently, or will there be in the future (or is it currently happening) a shift away from how we view vocation today, in the West?

What will be the towers that shadow today’s city buildings in the year 2100 and beyond (maybe a few of us will live until then)? Share/paint a picture of that future landscape and tell us why you think that it will look the way that it will. If you don’t think there will be a shift in how future persons think about vocation, defend why you think it will remain similar to today’s outlook and approach.

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