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PRM380 Wilderness & parks in America Discussion

For this week’s discussion, I want you to find a quotation you like by John Muir. It could be from the reading, or from an on-line source. Make the quotation your first paragraph. Explain how it illustrates his attitude toward nature. Use concepts we have discussed so far, such as romanticism, transcendentalism, spirituality, and aesthetic and moral values of nature.

How to succeed in your discussion postings:

  1. Read and do all of the on-line material in the learning module (as well as review the in-class material) before you answer.
  2. Think about your answer and how it links to the material in the learning module.
  3. Title your post with your last name and topic. Example: Steffey_Wilderness
  4. Write a brief introduction.
  5. Use paragraphs.

Assignments must be well-written and free of grammar, spelling, and capitalization errors. (You MUST capitalize “I,” for example.) You should run a spell and grammar check. Although this format seems similar to instant messaging, it is actually a college assignment for credit.

Any postings that have spelling or grammar errors that could be caught by spell/grammar check will receive zero points.

Full credit will be given to thoughtful, detailed, in-depth answers that show you have understood and incorporated what we are learning that week. Especially valuable are subtlety, nuance, reflection, and insight.

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