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PSC: international relations 102

its an IR Root paper 2-3 pages about : we have two readings. The first is Rhoda E. Howard and Jack Donnelly’s “Human Rights in World Politics.” And the second is Margaret Keck and Kathryn Sikkink’s “Transnational Advocacy Networks.” Both can be found in the Art & Jervis edited volume. What are human rights? Are human rights universal? How do Howard and Donnelly answer these questions? What are transnational advocacy networks, as described by Keck and Sikkink? What is the “boomerang” strategy that they employ? Who are they trying to influence? What conditions do you think would make the boomerang strategy more or less successful? How can transnational advocacy networks be powerful in world politics, even though they lack the use of military or physical force? What are their tools of influence? Can they meaningfully change world politics?

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