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read the article and complete the Lab document

For this lab you are going to read a scientific, peer reviewed article from the Geological Society of America (GSA) Bulletin. This article was written by the author and reviewed by three of his peers before being allowed to be published in the GSA Bulletin.
There is an exercise that I want you to start BEFORE you read the article. Part of literacy is the ability of a person to make predications about what they are going to read and then see if what they thought was actually the case. The table in the beginning of the lab is a prediction chart. I have placed some very obviously political statements in the table. BEFORE you read the article, write down whether or not you agree with those statements. There is no right or wrong answer…so go ahead, don’t be afraid, write down what you honestly feel. THEN read the article. After you read it, revisit the table and write down whether or not you still agree with your first position. If you do…go ahead and write down “still agree”. If you don’t, go ahead and write down “don’t agree”. The thing is…back up your agree or don’t agree with evidence from the text. Write down the page and paragraph numbers of the text that support your position. The point of this exercise is to teach students to back up their opinions with data and fact. Imagine that! Imagine if folks actually did that! Maybe this world wouldn’t be in the shambles it is in, right?

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