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Read the two attached article and response the following answers


  1. What is the main theme of this article? What is meant by third space?
  2. Why was it important for her to describe the two villages where she lived?
  3. In understanding this article and analysis, why do you think it’s important to understand the political history of French Polynesia? What is that history?
  4. Again, we see the connection with land in this article. Why is land a source and marker of identity?
  5. What is significant about Kahn’s discussion of “the image of Tahiti” and its roots in colonialism?
  6. What is significant about the Centre d’Experimentations du Pacifique (CEP)?
  7. What did you think of the discussion of the postcards?
  8. What was significant about the riots in 1995….in relation to their identity, their image, and the thirdspace?


  1. The article explores the politics of interethnic unions in Samoa. What is the main point of this article?
  2. Traditionally, Samoan marriages took two forms – what are they?
  3. In a relatively short span of time (1830 to present), interethnic relationships went from being acceptable to being unacceptable and then becoming acceptable once again.
    1. Explain the acceptability of interethnic relationships during the era of Early Europeans and Christian Missionaries (1830-1900).
    2. Explain the unacceptability of interethnic relationships during the eras of German Rule (1900-1914) and New Zealand Rule (1914-1962). In addition to knowing how the colonial powers felt about interethnic relationships, how did the Samoan feel about those relationships during these eras?
    3. Explain the acceptability of interethnic relationships once Samoan gained its independence from New Zealand.
  4. Why were interethnic unions between Chinese and Samoans so problematic, according to the colonial powers? Why were they worse than European and Samoan relationships?
  5. With regards to interethnic relationships, what is significant about the American presence during World War II?

Respond to at least two each student’s post from each article.

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