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Reflection Journal #10

After reviewing this week’s lecture on Appeals in Advertising / Celebrity
Endorsements, what are your overall thoughts on celebrity endorsements?
Please select two exampes to share and analyze. The first example should be one
of an appropriate and effective celebrity endorsement for a brand. The second
example should be an inappropriate and non-effective celebrity endorsement for a
brand. Be sure to share visuals and examples of each ad example. Do not use an
example discussed as part of the lecture.
Be sure to provide details and an explanation rather than just answering yes or no
for full credit.
Also, ensure that your analysis demonstrates that you understand the overall
appeals used in advertising, as well as providing justification for your reasoning.
Please feel free to use/reference all of the collective material from this course so
far to support your overall positioning.
Since this is your reflection, please feel free to add any additional information that
you feel appropriate to your journal entry.

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