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REL 3308 Final Project Topic Proposal

The Paper Topic Proposal (300 words) is an informal proposal that gives the instructor a sense of the topic you wish to write about for your final research paper. This will give the instructor time to give you feedback, recommend sources, and help steer your topic to a manageable project. Submit this as a paragraph discussing the topic, texts, sources, etc. you would like to examine for your final paper. The more detail you can provide the better, though it is totally fine to have just a preliminary idea of what you would like to work on.

Topics to choose from: Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia, Zoroastrianism and the Parsi Community of India, The Medieval Bhakti Movement and Sikhism, The Indus Valley Civilization: Origins or Antecedents or Hinduism, Dharma and Renunciation in the Upanishads, Devotion and the development of Classical Hinduism.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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