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Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice

For this week’s discussion do the following.

1. Choose one of the articles posted and read thoroughly (post the reference of the article).

2. Identify the theoretical framework used in the article you chose (post the name of the theory)

3. Go the reference section of the article and Identify/select one primary source and one secondary source that supports the theoretical framework (list only the reference of these articles)

4. Now, search the electronic database such as Gale-Infotract on LIRN, CINAHL, or ProQuest to identify the primary and secondary source articles you selected. Then post a brief review the abstracts of the primary source and secondary source in the article you chose.

5. What is your cosmic question (should be based on the chapters discussed this week).

Remember to provide a substantive response to 2 of your peer’s post.

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