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Research Practices Chapter Six: Discussion Questions

Resource Material: Course Reader Chapter 6 (attached below)

Using information from the chapter and your own knowledge and perspective, answer the following questions:

1) What is a formal definition of junk food? What is an operational definition of overeating? What is a definition from example of gluttony?

2) When considering evaluation arguments, what are “criteria”? Why is establishing clear criteria important to convincing someone to agree with your evaluation? Consider the topic of transportation in a major international city. What 3 criteria would you establish to evaluate a public transportation system?

3) What criteria does the magazine U.S. News and World Report use to evaluate colleges? Which measures do you think are best to evaluate a college or university, and why?

4) What does it mean for a source to be “edited”? Is it ever OK to use a biased source in writing an argument? What are the advantages of “popular” and “scholarly” sources?

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