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Speech Act Review

Choose any film that you would like to analyze (feature film, documentary, short film, etc).

Observe the speech act multiple times, as needed, to analyze it. Answer the following questions:

  1. Which appeals (ethos/pathos/logos) are evident? Are they effective? Are these appeals appropriately used? Explain.
  2. How is the arrangement (organization)? Is it clear? What type of organization is being used? Are all the logical or necessary steps needed for that organizational style present? Explain.
  3. Which definition of Rhetoric does this speech act best fit? Explain.
  4. Is the audience being led to care about the topic? How so? Explain.
  5. Is the central argument or thesis of the speech act clear? Explain.
  6. How is Sophistry evident (it is always present in any speech act)? Is this a problem for credibility of the speech act?
  7. Is this speech act a better example of Rhetoric as a Tool or as a Philosophy?
  8. Are you persuaded? Why or why not?
  9. Is the intended message clear? Will all audiences perceive this intended message? Explain.

Be sure to use APA citation and referencing style in the submission. Make sure you cite the speech itself, and all theories/concepts you include. You may cite either the module pages (see 0.5 APA Standard and How to Cite this Course).

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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