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Summary and applied project.

This week we will consider the wide range of research methodologies employed in global development, including possible ethical issues. You will also be completing your first analysis paper of a research article that you find and select, that is related to your problem statement.


  • Review the myriad of research methods available and possible in social science research.
  • Consider philosophical approaches and assumptions about knowledge that influence our choices.
  • Identify ethical issues in social science research and decolonizing approaches.
  • Write the first article analysis paper, identifying research questions, methods, and evaluating relevance to your research.

Read the following:

Sumner & Tribe, Chapters 3 & 5 Link (Links to an external site.)

A Better Measure of Research from the Global South, Nature, July 4, 2018: 300 word summary for this article

Chapter 1 and 2, Decolonizing Methodologies, Tuiwai Smith: 300 words each summary for both chapters

For each article analysis assignment you should find a peer-reviewed published research article (in an academic journal) that is related to your problem statement in some way. Carefully read the article and then write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) review of the article. This review should address the following:

– first identify the research question (s)

– then, identify and evaluate the method (s) used in the research – Are the conclusions warranted based on these methods and the analysis of the data?

– what does this article add to our knowledge of the problem? What does it leave out? In other words, how does it inform you research?

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