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Term Project Part 3A: Science & Engineering

Hello, similar to the previous assignment, here is part 3A, the document is the sample for the whole project. Please let me known whether you can open the link.




Term Project Part 3A: Science & Engineering (Worth 15 points)

The purpose of the term project is to enhance students’ ability to develop unit projects in each of the major content areas. The content areas will include

2. Science (Scientific Inquiry, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science)

Language Arts and Literacy will be integrated into each of these content areas. Students will be expected to develop appropriate activities for each of the 5 major content areas listed. Additionally, each content area will include research, assessments, Preschool Foundations, key vocabulary children will learn, text sets that provide background knowledge with literature and informational texts, activities for preschoolers, discussion of how the activities relate to the corresponding foundations and Kindergarten grade Standards, and how these activities connect to the foundations for Language and Literacy. Citations and references should be included for each content area description.

For each of the content areas listed, students will develop and submit each area in 2 parts (A & B) to Canvas. Each part will be addressed as follows:

Part A: Using your textbook, the Preschool Frameworks, and additional research, describe your rationale for this content area. Elaborate the Preschool Foundations that will be addressed for this content area (focus on the main Strands). Discuss the relationship between the Preschool Foundations and the Next Generation Science Standards for Kindergarten that corresponds to this content area. Develop 3 different activities. Each activity should highlight a different Strand and/ or sub-strand related to this content area. Reference all work cited. (Worth 15 points)

Outline for Part A



Foundations ( List and discuss the main strands for this content area)

Scientific Inquiry

Physical Science.

Earth Science.

Life Science.

Compare/Contrast the Preschool Foundations and K Standards (Use at least 3 Kindergarten Next Generation Science Standards comparing them to 3 of the corresponding PLF’s for this content area)

NGSS K LS 1-1. Compare and contrast the Kindergarten standard with the corresponding Preschool Learning Foundation. Cite both the standards and the foundations using APA format.

Activities (3 Activities with corresponding Preschool Learning Foundations. Each activity should use a different strand or sub-strand)

Activity 1: Bug Fossils (Earth Science, Properties & Characteristics of Earth Materials & Objects, 1.1). Explain the activity you have chosen for the children to do that relates to this sub-strand.


References need to be on a separate page. All references should be in APA format. Refer to the APA refresher slides posted in Files. Additionally, all references for Foundations and Frameworks are on the course syllabus.

Cite and reference all sources used

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