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Topic 7 DQ 2 Comment 3

With COVID-19 there has been changes to these rules and regulations. Telehealth is required to follow HIPPA. On March 17,2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stated that they will waive potential penalties for HIPPA violations against healthcare providers. This is if the healthcare provider are serving patients in a good manner through communication technologies during the pandemic. This allows services like Skype and FaceTime to be accessed for the purpose of telehealth. These services can also be accessed even if it is not pertaining to COVID-19. The National Consortium of Telehealth resource Centers urge healthcare facilities to sign a Business Associate Agreement. This is to determine that the data exchanged is safeguarded. In addition, prescribing controlled substances is supposed to be done in person. During the pandemic there is exceptions to this rule. The Drug Enforcement Agency issued that providers could prescribe controlled substances without an in-person evaluation meeting certain conditions. The providers must comply with the state laws that are placed for prescription of controlled substances (KFF,2020).

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