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Topic: Cosmetic surgery in Korea

You will carry out a small-scale study of some aspects of Korean popular culture. You can
choose any aspect you like. The assignment requires an analytical discussion rather than a
descriptive explanation.
Note: An analytical report requires that you set forth an argument and analyze it using supporting
claims from academic papers and/or other materials.

Preparing your report
Font: Times New Roman, 12pt. Line spacing: 1.5. Margins: Normal. Page limits: Minimum 10 – Maximum 15 pages.
Citations: APA style.
Requirement: You MUST incorporate at least 3 academic papers and other sources such as
books, newspaper articles, blog posts, among others.

The Outline (The format below is suggestive. You can vary it as you like):
• Introduction
1. Orientate the reader
2. Identify the focus/purpose
3. Outline the scope
4. State the questions or issues observed
• Body
1. Supporting details
2. Analysis
3. Evidence
4. Concluding sentence
• Conclusion
1. Summarize key points
2. Overall concluding statement.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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