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Two separate 200 words discussion total 400 words.

Two separate 200 words discussion total 400 words.

This discussion provides practice for thinking about how illustrations could support your Document Four. Re–read your notes for ETC Chapters 5, 6, and 8; then, examine the three Bing sketches of vegetable gardens:

As you examine these three JPGs, analyze the strengths of each sketch and, for Discussion Four, show what you know about illustrations, as you write and post your one-or-two paragraph response to these questions:

  • What informative and visual value does Vegetable Garden Sketch A provide that the other two sketches do not offer?
  • Would Sketch B or Sketch C be more suitable for a technical report? Briefly explain why the sketch would be more suitable.

To open the Discussion Board, click the underlined Discussion Four name of this entry.

Then, to post your discussion entry, click the “Create Thread” button that opens the discussion forum.

In the Subject box for your discussion, label your entry as Your Name_Discussion Four

In the message box, type-in your discussion (or attach a Word.doc or Word.docx or RTF file of your discussion). Then, click Submit below the message box, to post your entry.

After reading classmates’ postings, continue the discussion by posting a four-to-five-sentence, concisely and precisely detailed paragraph that responds to a classmate’s Discussion Four.

  • Discussion Four is due before 8 PM on Mon. 4/5.
  • Discussion Four Response-to-Classmate Discussion is due before 8 PM on Tues. 4/6.

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