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Value Chain and Operations Management


  • Assess value chain management.
  • Critique the influence of global and business environments on organizational success.
  • Analyze the role of operations management in organizational performance.
  • Analyze supply chain strategy to ensure profitability and sustainability.
  • Apply tenets of managerial economics to financial planning.
  • Formulate differentiation strategies based on workflow across the value chain.


You are a Business Process Consultant for Kingston-Media and have been selected as a keynote speaker at an industry conference. To help you prepare, you will be writing a research brief for at the upcoming Supply Chain Conference, for one of the Fortune 500 companies in Kingston-Media’s client portfolio.


In preparation for the conference, select a Fortune 500 company from the Pharmaceutical industry to create a research brief for use in building your presentation that will include the following:

  • Evaluate the company uses of value chain management.
  • Explain how the global business environment competitive forces affects the company’s operational success.
  • Analyze the company’s primary and support operations management functions impact on organizational performance.
  • Evaluate the effect of supply chain strategies and economic factors on the company’s profitability and sustainability financial practices.
  • Discuss how the company has developed a differentiation strategy on workflow across the value chain or the organization.
  • Summarize your findings and highlight some best practices.
  • Provide attribution for credible sources.

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