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Was looking for help on creating a lesson plan

Lesson Plan Assignment


Review the resources below. Use the NC 6-Point Lesson Plan Template to create a lesson plan for a subject of your choosing (grade levels K-12). The lesson should be at least 45 minutes long. For those choosing to do a lesson plan for a lower elementary classroom, it can be an integrated lesson plan, incorporating more than one subject.

Don’t forget to use Bloom’s Taxonomy(Revised) as a guide to writing your lesson plan. If you are able to answer each question listed below once you are done, you have incorporated all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy(Revised) in your lesson plan.
1) What do students already know or remember about the topic?
2) How will you present new information?
3) How will students be able to show they understand the information well enough to convey it to another context?
4) How will you get the students to explain the information taught?
5) How can you get the students to show you they can make accurate decisions about what they have learned?
6) How can you get students to show they really have understood and absorbed the information you wanted them to learn



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