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Watch a movie and answer questions

  • watch Pursuit of Happiness (2006) movie
  • Review the related PowerPoint. After viewing the movie please provide narrative answers to the questions listed below. You’ll see the assignment link on the main page for this workshop. Please respond to each question individually under the questions.

1.) Briefly describe the plot of the movie. This must be done in one short paragraph.

2.) What stressors did the family face? Classify the stressor (ie., normative or non-normative event, etc.)

3.) How did the family perceive it? Was there a collective perception? Why or why not?

4.) What resources were available for this family? How was this shaped by aspects of their identity (ie. intersectionality)? Did the family use the resources? Did they use their resources effectively?

5.) What cognitive, affective, and/or behavioral methods of coping were used by the individual members in the family? Provide examples from the movie.

6.) Assess the outcome of the family’s coping. Using indicators of crisis, discuss if the family went into crisis. Consider explaining using the ABC-x model.

7. Identify and discuss two additional concepts from this course that were in the movie. Identify each concept, define the concept, and describe how it was present in the movie by describing specific examples from the movie.

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