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Week 5 Discussion

Communication is vital to many situations where people are involved. This plays a role both personally and professionally. This week you learned about the important role of communication and the variety of tools that can be used to communicate.

Inquiry: Assume the role of a manager who has a very diversified team. You have the following team members:

  • Sean – an English as a second language employee who was recently transferred from Germany.
  • Colton – a Generation Z student intern who is new to the industry.
  • Travis – a Millennial fresh out of college who was hired into an entry-level position but feels he should have a more important role.
  • Carie – a Generation Y overachiever. She is a team leader who strives for perfection and expects the same from those on her team.
  • Amanda – A Generation X employee with the desire to constantly learn but fails to apply her knowledge without specific instruction.
  • Brandi – a Baby Boomer getting close to retirement. She has been in the industry and with this company for most of her career.

Your department is being overhauled and will be acquiring new technology as a means of going paperless and it will be expected that your team will fully comply within a 6-month implementation plan. What means of communication will you use in order to ensure a seamless transition among your team? Discuss the challenges and conflict you might face.

Follow-up: In your responses to your classmates, expand the discussion by sharing your views on the need for communication and comment on the communication tools/methods being used by your peers. Be sure to include real-world examples and follow up with outside research.

View your discussion rubric.

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