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what would be the payout ratio each year?

Question 1: With the positive outlook for the business for the next 5 years, CTVC will initiate a dividend in 2021, and expects to pay the dividend for the next 5 years. Given your forecast, how much would CTVC be paying in dividends each year, and what would be the payout ratio each year? Question 2: Determine the free cash flow for the next 5 years (Y2021 – Y2025) Information: Covid Testing & Vaccination Corp (CTVC) balance sheet and income statement for FY 2020 are in the “data provided” tab (figures are in $ thousands). The company is a spinout of a larger pharmaceutical company, and currently exists for the current pandemic environment, but will transition to focus on other areas in the future. For now, CTVC expects sales growth in 2021 of 40%, and then 20% in 2022. After that sales will slow to 5% growth for the remainder of the forecast horizon while they formulate their next venture.

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