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[1500 words] portfolio project

I’m working on a criminal justice question and need guidance to help me learn.

Today’s task is to find a case study that interests you. However, you will not use a case study that someone else published. You will identify a problem on your own to work on. The problem must be a real one. You can discuss Saudi Arabia or any other country that you like. You cannot work on the same problem as another student.

Difficulties Click for more options

Click on the chevron (v) to enlarge. Reference: Bynum, T. (2006). Using Analysis for Problem Solving: A Guidebook for Law Enforcement.

One of the hardest parts of finding a problem is finding data. Detailed data related to crime in Saudi Arabia is as scarce as hen’s teeth. You might have more success looking to the US, where police departments often make some crime data available to the public.

Some places that offer open data include:

To get a look at a hot spot, use Google Maps to get a street-level view, as we did in the Albuquerque car theft case study. This might be especially useful if you are looking at CPTED issues.

You should choose a problem that interests you and then submit it to your instructor for approval by email. Once your topic is approved, you can decide on your theoretical framework for your investigation.

Prompt: Compose an original Problem-Solving Report about a real-life crime problem somewhere in Saudi Arabia or in the US. Use the report format attached to this assignment.


Step 1: Choose a problem

  1. Scan the web sites above or find your own sources of data.
  2. Select a problem that interests you. It could be small (beat-level) or large (trends).
  3. Select an approach that you will use to analyze the problem.

Requirements: 1500

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