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cool places to work and why

1. Go to: or or or

2. Pick a company of interest

3. Describe the criteria used by the “accrediting” body (Crain’s, etc) in selecting the organizations who “make the list”(20% of assignment)

4. Discuss why they are a “cool” company (30% of assignment)

5. Try to make contact with an HR person and/or operational person at the Company (document your attempts) (15% of assignment)

6. Whether you do or not, discuss what you believe to be the culture in this company and whether you would want to work there. Why or why not? (25% of assignment)

7. How do the companies benefit from being on these “lists”?

8. Papers will be graded based on covering the above material, with some analysis, clear writing, and use of proper grammar, formatting, etc (10% of assignment grade).

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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