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Environment Design

Environment Design Assignment

This assignment provides focused effort and will take a substantial amount of time. You will use the information in the textbooks, classroom discussions, and resources of non traditional primary grade classrooms to create a classroom design for a Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade classroom. (Links to an external site.)

nontraditional room designs-2.pptx


Also look in the First 6 weeks of school to find the array of centers required.

  • a room design layout that is non traditional for a primary grade classroom created in ppt or another program. The room design layout should include examples of alternative seating and tables or other things and storage for every interest area listed below.
  • A minimum of 6 developmentally appropriate materials (photos) for each area identified- The classroom materials must be open ended, include loose parts, be engaging, and used to meet the Early Learning Standards for the grade level selected. Here are the artifacts required
  • A list of positive dispositions ( minimum of 3) that are promoted in each area just dispositions.pptx
  • A minimum of 3 grade level Early Learning Standards demonstrate integrated learning. Three standards from three different domains for each area.
  • Answer the following questions:How do students gain a sense of belonging in this classroom?How do they see evidence of their culture in the classroom?How do they see images like them in the classroom?
  • A table, see below that provides evidence of your understanding of active learning, developmentally appropriate practice, and alignment with positive approaches to learning and grade level early learning standards.

As you are selecting materials, be sure to avoid use of worksheets as a center material. Lined paper is ok for the writing center, but worksheets are not age appropriate.

If you are doing a 3rd or 4th grade classroom, you do not need to include blocks/dramatic play, though you should have an area where students could act out scenes from a book and have access to props.

Resource Links:

Non Traditional Classroom PPT nontraditional room designs-1.pptx


Table in a word doc. You will need to create this table in a PPT. Environment Design Assignment.docx

Actions (Links to an external site.)

Lakeshore Elementary Catalog (Links to an external site.)

Alternative Designed Classroom Spaces and Materials (Links to an external site.)

Re imagining the Modern Classroom (Links to an external site.)

Kindergarten early learning standards (Links to an external site.)

First Grade early learning standards (Links to an external site.)

Second grade early learning standards (Links to an external site.)

3rd grade early learning standards (Links to an external site.)

Grade Level:

Center in Classroom

Dispositions (minimum of 3 promoted in each area)

Active learning materials (minimum of 6 photos for each center)

Your description of how the materials and the center are DAP

Positive Approaches to Learning that are present in this Center

Grade Level Standards that might be met in this center with these materials (At least 3 standards from 3 separate

Language Literacy/Writing

Blocks/Dramatic Play


Social Studies/Social Skills/Social Justice

Math/Fine Motor

Creative Arts


Music/Movement/Activity Breaks

Gathering space/Morning Meeting/ large group instruction

Health – Sinks/Bathrooms

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