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Using the business that you identified as a strong franchise candidate in the first part of the assignment, you are to address the following points.

Using the Popeye’s UFDD we discussed in class for guidance (it can be found at, how would you address these specific issues covered by Item 12 and Item 17 of the UFDD for the franchising opportunity you have identified?

  1. Item 12 territory. What type of Protected Area rights would you provide within your franchise agreement and why do you believe this approach is appropriate?
  1. Item 17 termination and renewal. What would be the most significant breach for which you would not permit any opportunity to cure and why?

3.) In addition, outline whether you would require your franchisees to actively work at their unit (and thus only own a single unit) or whether you would promote multi-unit franchising with the franchisee hiring managers. Describe why you think the approach you select makes sense for the specific business you are franchising.

Please limit you response to no more than 500 words.….

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