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Case study Cancer Cluster of Coincidence

Complete the Case Study Cancer Cluster of Coincidence?…

Complete the Case Study Cancer Cluster of Coincidence?

Questions Part I

1. Is Dr. Holmes’ concern justifed? Why or why not?

2. What would be your next step if you were Dr. Holmes?

Part II

1.Describe in your own words what a cancer cluster is.

2. What is the evidence that is driving Dr. Holmes to believe this is a cancer cluster?

3. What are the factors that Dr. Garcia is looking at that make her skeptical of Carson being a cancer cluster?

4. Taking into consideration the data from a successful cluster investigation of Toms River (Table 2), list the additional data and statistics Dr. Holmes will need to strengthen his case about Carson.

Part III

1. With this background information about cluster investigations, outline two pros and two cons to pursuing an investigation in this case.

2. In reviewing the pros and cons from the previous question, decide as a group what you would do if you were in Dr. Holmes’s shoes.

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