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Final Project Interview

This is an informal research project where you will be gathering the data by using the interview questionnaire provided and then writing up a quick analysis of your findings by integrating and applying what we have learned in class.

Therefore, this is a way for you to demonstrate how much you have learned and your ability to connect course material to real-life situations. This is the entire objective of this final project–show me how much you have learned 🙂

Instruction Videos:

Play media comment.Part 1

Play media comment.Part 2

PLEASE NOTE: who you choose to interview must be in their current dynamic (e.g., parenthood, divorce, cohabitation) for at least a year to provide a better perspective and cannot be related to you. Also, you CANNOT be related to the individual OR in a romantic relationship with your interviewee. This is to avoid bias and to increase the potential for honest answers.

Also, the textbook is the only reference needed. This paper is ALL about demonstrating your ability to utilize and apply what you have learned this semester to a real-life experience (chapters 1-16 can be used for all interviews). Thus, COURSE APPLICATION IS CRITICAL!

Your paper should be filled with references to the textbook following proper APA format (authors, year, and page number or digital section if using the e-version).

Providing a handful of references (e.g., three to five citations or one citation for each question) will NOT be satisfactory. Some questions contain multiple questions within them so be sure to address EACH question with comparison to what we have learned from our text.

*You should be constantly comparing your interviewee’s responses to what we have learned: how they align or differ or do not relate. Remember this is an analysis; not a restating of your interview notes. This is the most consistent error I find students make on this paper.


For full information and criteria regarding this assignment, please refer and carefully read over the attachments below:


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Interview Guides:

Please choose one of the following guides provided for your interview that coordinates with your choice and fill in with your notes of the interview. You will need to ATTACH it to your paper.

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    • This interview guide explores marriage dynamics and outcomes in addition to their impact on the individual.
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    • This interview focuses on parenting with a spouse and its impact on the marriage and the parent individually.
  • svg icon downloaddownload
    • This interview explores the dynamics of divorce and its impact on the individual and children (if present).
  • svg icon downloadActions
    • This interview focuses specifically on remarriage and the dynamics of marrying again. It does touch on step-family issues if children are involved but it mostly explores remarriage. If step-family dynamics are what you are interested in, please see the stepparent interview.
  • svg icon downloaddownload
    • This interview explores step-parenting dynamics and families and the unique circumstances and situations a stepparent faces as they adjust to a new marriage and instantly having children from their spouse’s previous relationship.
  • svg icon downloaddownload
    • This interview explores single parenting and the dynamics and challenges unique to this family structure.
  • svg icon downloaddownload
    • This interview explores the fast-growing trend of premarital cohabitation and how it impacts the relationship and couples and even children if present.

PROJECT TEMPLATE PROVIDED: let me encourage you to look over this paper as it provides a visual presentation and example of the format and flow I am looking for in your work. PLEASE NOTE: the textbook cited is the one previously used in this course and does NOT apply to the current course.


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Please submit your course project here as an attachment.

Also, make sure you cite all references and include the page number when using in-text citations from the textbook (or section if you have MindTap e-version) such as: (Lamanna et al., 2021, 359).

Also, remember to attach your interview guide with your notes on it–this too must be included in your submission, and not having it will result in a lower score.

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Evaluation of Written Work

All course work will be evaluated concerning the following: writing mechanics, grammar, originality, quality of integration of relevant literature and perspectives, clarity, organization, and development. Papers are expected to be well-written, grammatically correct, well organized, and original. The paper must be double-spaced, using Times New Roman preferably, in 12 pt. font, in APA format and pages, numbered. ALL written work should be proofread for proper grammar, organization, and spelling so that you always submit your best work.

Remember for Turnitin: No paper will be accepted that is above a 20% match in the originality report.

ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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