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finish the report based on the requirement

Each student writes a critical report on the application of blockchain in the area
• Blockchain & Government Voting (GV)
Recommended literature, but not limited to the following:……
Take a perspective of a manager within an organization, or an external consultant
hired to prepare a recommendation whether blockchain technology should be
further developed in the discussed application. Hereto, you can start looking at a
particular company, but then you need to write the report from the perspective of
the whole industry/process. Critical report means that you should make a thorough
analysis and then take a side: either you recommend blockchain in this setting or
not, and why. Specifically, in the report you should refer to (but is not limited to)
the following areas:
▪ What is the blockchain innovation about (in place or proposed) in this industry?
(What is blockchain supposed to do/solve?)
▪ What are the characteristics of the blockchain in this specific application?
(Public/private blockchain? etc.)
▪ What are the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain application in this
▪ Is blockchain the right technology? Or maybe other technologies do better job in
solving the problem? Or maybe we need them all – a solution at the intersection of
blockchain and AI, Big Data, smart contracts, etc.? If you are arguing for yes, why
other technologies are not solving the problem. If you are arguing for no, what
other technologies are better to do the job, and why? (Similar to blockchain, try to
think whether AI, and what type of AI solutions, would be a good tool)
▪ Conclusions: Take a side and develop recommendation based on your analysis.
My side is No
➢ If you argue not for using blockchain technology, write what would be a
better solution (simple decentralized ledger, or something completely
different: AI, Big Data, smart contracts, etc).
• The report is 1,100-1,200 words. Don’t go beyond the limit! Be concise, write
only meaningful sentences (excluding references

requirements also shows in the pdf(same)

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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