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Impact of Technology on the Accounting Professions

This research paper need to be 12 pages long. focus on the given topic. need to be performed in APA style. All the preferences should be founded on my university library. I have found 8 articles as the sources, I need 4 more articles as the professor required and all of them need to be found on my university electrical library. I will give you the student account to access to it once you agree to work on it.

These are the articles that I found:

Impact of informal learning in the accounting profession

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain on the Accounting Profession

Impact of technology in financial reporting: The case of Amazon Go

Artificial intelligence products reshape accounting: time to re-train

Is Technology Reducing the Need for CPAs?

The Robots are Coming … But Aren’t Here Yet: The Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Public Accounting Profession.

Innovations in Financial Audit based on Emerging Technologies

Discussion of Impact of Information Technology on Public Accounting Firm Productivity.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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