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Week 4: Discussion Question

Consider what you have learned about access to and equity of healthcare this week. Address each of the following prompts in your discussion response:

  1. Identify a nursing or healthcare issue related to the Affordable Care Act. How does this legislation influence equity, access, and affordability for patients?
  2. How does this legislation work to decrease the disparity in care?
  3. How does this legislation impact nursing care?

Please respond to two of your classmates’ postings. In your responses, comment on your experience with the issue identified.

Please be sure to support your discussion with a scholarly source.

This activity aligns with:

Course Outcome 3. Discuss how regulatory agencies and professional organizations influence nursing practice and healthcare delivery to support optimal quality patient care.

Course Outcome 4. Analyze the impact of sociocultural, economic, and environmental influences on health care policies to understand consumer challenges related to equity, access, affordability, and social justice in healthcare. 

Course Outcome 5. Evaluate the political advocacy process to identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement. 

Course Outcome 6. Delineate strategies that nurses can use to engage in advocacy for healthcare policy to support equity, access, affordability, and social justice for consumers and in support of the nursing profession. 

Week 4 Learning Resources – Page 1

To access the readings, right-click the hyperlinks and open in a new tab:

Below are the required learning resources for this week.

What Are Health Disparities and Health Equity?

Read this article to gain a more in-depth understanding of health disparities and health equity.

CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report, 2013 and Strategies for Reducing Health Disparities, 2016

As you read each report, consider which of the findings and data are the most relevant to the work you do and the patient population in your area.

HRSA 2017 Health Equity Report

Take some time to review the findings of the 2017 HRSA Health Equity report:


As you read this Healthy People 2020 entry, see if you can add anything to your list of the factors that contribute to health disparities.

  • Disparities

Determinants of Health

Read this entry from Healthy People 2020 and consider how the United States can address the relationship among health status and biology, individual behavior, health services, social factors, and government policies.

  • Determinants of Health

Health Disparities and Health Equity: The Issue Is Justice

Review the following sites related to health disparities and health equity:

Paying for Medical Care

Review this website on paying for medical care from

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